The sensation caused by tickling

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  • gargalesthesia — noun The sensation commonly associated with tickling …   Wiktionary

  • gargalesthesia — gar·gal·es·the·sia (gahr″gəl es theґzhə) [Gr. gargalos itching + esthesia] the perception of tickling (q.v.). gargalesthetic adj …   Medical dictionary

  • Knismesis and gargalesis — are the scientific terms, coined in 1897 by psychologists G. Stanley Hall and Arthur Allin, [Hall, G. S., and A. Allin. (1897) The psychology of tickling, laughing and the comic. The American Journal of Psychology 9:1 ndash;42.] used to describe… …   Wikipedia

  • tickling — adjective a) That tickles a tickling sensation b) gargalesthesia …   Wiktionary

  • tickling — Denoting a peculiar itching or tingling sensation caused by excitation of surface nerves, as of the skin by light stroking. * * * tick·ling (tikґling) 1. light stimulation of a body surface, such as stroking the skin, causing a tingling sensation …   Medical dictionary

  • gargalanesthesia — gar·gal·an·es·the·sia (gahr″gəl an″es theґzhə) absence or loss of gargalesthesia …   Medical dictionary

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