To chew each piece of food at least thirty times

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  • Fletcherize — /flech euh ruyz /, v.i., v.t., Fletcherized, Fletcherizing. to chew (food) slowly and thoroughly. Also, esp. Brit., Fletcherise. [1900 05, Amer.; see FLETCHERISM, IZE] * * * …   Universalium

  • fletcherize — fletch·er·ize or Brit fletch·er·ise .īz vt, ized or Brit ised; iz·ing or Brit is·ing to reduce (food) to tiny particles esp. by prolonged chewing …   Medical dictionary

  • Fletcherize — n. chew food slowly and thoroughly …   English contemporary dictionary

  • fletcherize — fletch·er·ize …   English syllables

  • fletcherize — ˌrīz transitive verb ( ed/ ing/ s) Usage: often capitalized Etymology: Horace Fletcher + English ize : to reduce (food) to tiny particles especially by prolonged chewing * * * /flech euh ruyz /, v.i., v.t., Fletcherized, Fletcherizing. to chew… …   Useful english dictionary

  • Fletcherize your food — chew your food many times, chew your food until it is easy to digest    Here, Fletcherize this. Yuk, your pancakes are as tough as leather! …   English idioms

  • masticate — v 1. chew, crunch, craunch, munch, champ, mumble, gnaw, nibble, bite, Dial. chaw, Archaic. manducate; chew well, Fletcherize; ruminate, remasticate, rechew, chew the cud. 2. pulverize, comminute, triturate, levigate, powder, granulate, break down …   A Note on the Style of the synonym finder

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