The delusion that one is a dog

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  • Cynanthropy — (sometimes spelled kynanthropy) is, in medicine, the pathological delusion of real persons that they are dogs[1] and in anthropology and folklore, the supposed magical practice of shape shifting alternately between canine and human form, or the… …   Wikipedia

  • Cynanthropy — Cy*nan thro*py (s? n?n thr? p?), n. [Gr. ????? of a dog man; ????, ???, dog + ????? man: cf. F. cynanthropie.] (Med.) A kind of madness in which men fancy themselves changed into dogs, and imitate the voice and habits of that animal. [1913… …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • cynanthropy — A delusion in which one barks and growls, imagining oneself to be a dog. [G. kyon, dog, + anthropos, man] * * * cy·nan·thro·py (sə nanґthro pe) [cyn + Gr. anthrōpos man] a delusion in which the patient considers himself a dog or behaves …   Medical dictionary

  • cynanthropy —   n. form of insanity in which patient has delusions of being a dog …   Dictionary of difficult words

  • cynanthropy — …   Useful english dictionary

  • Therianthropy — refers to the metamorphosis of humans into other animals.[1] Therianthropes are said to change forms via shapeshifting. Therianthropes have long existed in mythology, appearing in ancient cave drawings[2] such as the Sorcerer at Les Trois Frères …   Wikipedia

  • Hamlet (legend) — Hamlet is a striking figure in Scandinavian romance and the hero of Shakespeare s tragedy, Hamlet, Prince of Denmark .The chief authority for the legend of Hamlet is Saxo Grammaticus, who devotes to it parts of the third and fourth books of his… …   Wikipedia

  • Териантропия — Проверить информацию. Необходимо проверить точность фактов и достоверность сведений, изложенных в этой статье. На странице обсуждения должны быть пояснения …   Википедия

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