A rude, mean-spirited person

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  • Cullion — Cul lion (k?l y?n), n. [OF. couillon, coillon, F. co?on, a vile fellow, coward, dupe, from OF. couillon, coillon, testicle, fr. il the scrotum, fr. L. coleus a leather bag, the scrotum.] A mean wretch; a base fellow; a poltroon; a scullion. Away …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • cullion — [kul′yən] n. [ME coillon, wretch, lit., testicle < OFr coillon < VL * coleone, eunuch < * colea, scrotum < L coleus < ? colum, a strainer] Obs. a low, contemptible fellow …   English World dictionary

  • cullion — noun Etymology: Middle English coillon testicle, from Anglo French, from Vulgar Latin *coleon , coleo, from Latin coleus scrotum Date: 1575 archaic a mean or base fellow …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • cullion — /kul yeuhn/, n. Archaic. a base or vile fellow. [1350 1400; ME culyon, coil(i)on < AF, MF coillon worthless fellow, lit., testicle < VL *coleonem, acc. of *coleo, for L colei (pl.) testicles, scrotum] * * * …   Universalium

  • cullion — noun a) A vile person. b) Testicle …   Wiktionary

  • cullion — cul·lion …   English syllables

  • cullion — cul•lion [[t]ˈkʌl yən[/t]] n. archaic a vile fellow • Etymology: 1350–1400; ME < AF, MF coillon testicle < cōleī (pl.) testicles, scrotum …   From formal English to slang

  • cullion —   n. rascal; orchid root; man orchid …   Dictionary of difficult words

  • cullion — ˈkəlyən noun ( s) Etymology: Middle English coillon, colyoun testicle, from Middle French coillon, couillon, from (assumed) Vulgar Latin coleon , coleo, from Latin coleus scrotum, perhaps from colum sieve, strainer; from …   Useful english dictionary

  • Claudy bombing — Part of The Troubles …   Wikipedia

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