Fortunetelling through the use of arrows

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  • Belomancy — Belomancy, also bolomancy, is the ancient art of divination by use of arrows. Belomancy was anciently practised at least by Babylonians, Greeks, Arabs and Scythians.The arrows were typically marked with occult symbols and had to have feathers for …   Wikipedia

  • Belomancy — Bel o*man cy, n. [Gr. ?; ? arrow + ? a diviner: cf. F. b[ e]lomancie.] A kind of divination anciently practiced by means of marked arrows drawn at random from a bag or quiver, the marks on the arrows drawn being supposed to foreshow the future.… …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • belomancy — /bel euh man see/, n. divination using arrows drawn at random from a quiver or other holder. [1640 50; < Gk bélo(s) arrow, dart + MANCY] * * * …   Universalium

  • belomancy — noun /ˈbɛl.əʊ.mæ studying the flight of arrows, an act of divination used by the Greeks and Arabs. It is strongly forbidden in the Koran …   Wiktionary

  • belomancy — divination by means of arrows Divination and Fortune Telling …   Phrontistery dictionary

  • belomancy — bel·o·man·cy …   English syllables

  • belomancy — /ˈbɛləmænsi/ (say beluhmansee) noun divination using arrows. {late Greek belomantia, from belos arrow + mancy} …   Australian English dictionary

  • belomancy —   n. divination using arrows …   Dictionary of difficult words

  • belomancy — ˈbeləˌman(t)sē noun ( es) Etymology: Greek belos dart, arrow + English mancy : divination by drawing arrows at random from a container …   Useful english dictionary

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