Combining human and animal forms, such as the centaur

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  • therianthropic — [thir΄ē an thräp′ik] adj. [< Gr thērion, beast (< thēr, beast: see FIERCE) + anthrōpos, man (see ANTHROPO ) + IC] 1. conceived of as being partly human and partly animal in form 2. designating or of deities of this kind …   English World dictionary

  • therianthropic — therianthropism /thear ee an threuh piz euhm/, n. /thear ee an throp ik/, adj. 1. being partly bestial and partly human in form. 2. of or pertaining to deities conceived or represented in such form. [1885 90; < Gk therí(on) beast + ANTHROP + IC]… …   Universalium

  • therianthropic — adjective Having both human and animal forms …   Wiktionary

  • therianthropic — [ˌθɪərɪan θrɒpɪk] adjective (especially of a deity) combining the form of an animal with that of a man. Origin C19: from Gk thērion wild animal + anthrōpos human being + ic …   English new terms dictionary

  • therianthropic — the·ri·an·throp·ic …   English syllables

  • therianthropic — /ˌθɪəriænˈθrɒpɪk/ (say .thearreean thropik) adjective 1. being partly animal and partly human in form. 2. of or relating to deities conceived or represented in such form. {Greek thērion wild beast + anthrōpos man + ic} –therianthropism… …   Australian English dictionary

  • therianthropic —   a. half man half animal; pertaining to such gods.    ♦ therianthropism, n …   Dictionary of difficult words

  • therianthropic — adj. of or worshipping beings represented in combined human and animal forms. Etymology: Gk therion dimin. of ther wild beast + anthropos human being …   Useful english dictionary

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