A fear of frogs or toads

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  • batrachophobia — fear of frogs and toads Phobias …   Phrontistery dictionary

  • batrachophobia — batrachophoˈbia noun An aversion to frogs, toads and newts • • • Main Entry: ↑batrachia …   Useful english dictionary

  • Fear of frogs — and toads has been recorded in the history of many cultures. For example, seeing a frog may be a bad omen or frogs and toads may give a person warts. At the same time in other cultures frogs are considered as good omen. A survey carried out by… …   Wikipedia

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  • batrachian —   a. pertaining to frogs or toads; n. a frog or toad.    ♦ batrachoid, a. like a frog or toad.    ♦ batrachophagous, a. eating frogs or toads.    ♦ batrachophobia, n. fear of frogs or toads …   Dictionary of difficult words

  • batrach- — combining form or batracho Etymology: International Scientific Vocabulary, from Greek, frog, from batrachos; perhaps akin to Old High German kreta, krota toad 1. : frog …   Useful english dictionary

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