A nasty old women, usually with a tendency to natter and scold

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  • Rixatrix — Rix*a trix, n. [L.] (Old Eng. Law) A scolding or quarrelsome woman; a scold. Burrill. [1913 Webster] …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • rixatrix — A scold. The word is confined to the feminine gender. See 4 Bl Comm 168 …   Ballentine's law dictionary

  • communis rixatrix — /kamyuwnas riksatraks/ In old English law, a common scold (q.v.). 4 Bl.Comm. 168 …   Black's law dictionary

  • communis rixatrix — Same as common scold …   Ballentine's law dictionary

  • Common scold — Punishing a common scold in the dunking stool In the common law of crime in England and Wales, a common scold was a species of public nuisance a troublesome and angry woman who broke the public peace by habitually arguing and quarreling with her… …   Wikipedia

  • scolding — Mere clamor, railing, personal reproof. Argument dignifies the orator and instructs and convinces the auditor. Scolding relieves somewhat the hysteria of the scolder, but only amuses or irritates the hearer. Argument is the professional weapon of …   Ballentine's law dictionary

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