According to British musical notation, a 128th note

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  • quasihemidemisemiquaver — noun A note having a time value half as long as a hemidemisemiquaver or 64th note; a 128th note. Syn: 128th note, hundred twenty eighth note, semihemidemisemiquaver …   Wiktionary

  • Sixty-fourth note — In music notation, a sixty fourth note (American) or hemidemisemiquaver (British) is a note played for 1/64 of the duration of a whole note (or semibreve). It lasts half as long as a thirty second note (or demisemiquaver). Sixty fourth notes are… …   Wikipedia

  • Hundred twenty-eighth note — Beethoven used 128th notes in the first movement of his Pathétique Sonata (Op. 13) In music, a hundred twenty eighth note (American) or semihemidemisemiquaver or quasihemidemisemiquaver (British) is a note played for 1/128 of the duration of a… …   Wikipedia

  • Note value — Parts of a note In music notation, a note value indicates the relative duration of a note, using the color or shape of the note head, the presence or absence of a stem, and the presence or absence of flags/beams/hooks/tails. A rest indicates a… …   Wikipedia

  • semihemidemisemiquaver — noun Alternate name for the quasihemidemisemiquaver …   Wiktionary

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