Married to everyone

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  • pantagamy — pan·tag·a·my …   English syllables

  • pantagamy —   n. marriage in which all spouses are held in common; free love …   Dictionary of difficult words

  • pantagamy — pan.ˈtagəmē noun ( es) Etymology: pant + gamy : marriage practiced in some communistic societies in which every man is regarded as the husband of every woman and vice versa …   Useful english dictionary

  • 泛婚 — fànhūn [pantagamy]在某些共同生活的社团里实行的婚姻, 即每个男人被看作是每个女子的丈夫; 反之亦然 …   Advanced Chinese dictionary

  • panta- — combining form see pant * * * panta erron. form of panto , in pantacosm, pantagamy, pantatype; also pantagraph, pantamorphic, pantascopic: see pantograph n …   Useful english dictionary

  • pantogamy — see pantagamy …   Useful english dictionary

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