Soft skinned

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  • malacodermous — malacodermous, a. Nat. Hist. (mæləkəʊˈdɜːməs) [f. Gr. µαλακόδερµος soft skinned (f. µαλακός soft + δέρµα skin) + ous.] Soft skinned; = malacoderm A. in Mayne Expos. Lex.; and in recent Dicts …   Useful english dictionary

  • malacia —   n. softening of tissue; craving for a certain food.    ♦ malacodermous, a. having soft skin.    ♦ malacology, n. study of molluscs.    ♦ malacophonous, a. soft voiced.    ♦ malactic, a. emollient …   Dictionary of difficult words

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