Having control of or power over fire

Grandiloquent dictionary. 2006.

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  • Ignipotent — Ig*nip o*tent, a. [L. ignipotens; ignis fire + potens powerful.] Presiding over fire; also, fiery. [1913 Webster] Vulcan is called the powerful ignipotent. Pope. [1913 Webster] …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • ignipotent — /ig nipˈə tənt/ (poetic) adjective Presiding over fire ORIGIN: L ignipotens powerful in fire, from ignis fire, and potens powerful …   Useful english dictionary

  • ig|nip|o|tent — «ihg NIHP uh tuhnt», adjective. ruling over fire: »the ignipotent Vulcan. ╂[< Latin ignipotēns, entis having power over fire < ignis fire + potēns powerful] …   Useful english dictionary

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